What to expect here:

Our attire is not formal. Pastor usually wears a suit. Most people attend in casual attire.

They don't dress like going to the beach nor to a formal event.

Music: Mostly traditional. As of now, we are short a piano player, so, one of our men leads the music with his guitar. We are looking for and praying for a music director or a regular piano player of very good quality.

Sermons & Bible studies: Pastor gives them right from the Bible. 

He explains the scriptures in a very practical way. 

He usually gives studies & sermons helping us to live each day for the Lord and encourages us to serve the Lord from the heart; to be an encouragement to others and to try & point others to jesus Christ.

Come visit us a few times & see for your self.

A friendly church where the Lord's Spirit is very present.

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