Pray For Our Troops

Our men and women in all areas of the military need our encouragement and our prayers. I  had been given the honor of being retained by the Army as the "Chaplain" of the Yakima TrainingCenter (Washington State). This is and has been, a great ministry.  

Upon letting the soldiers know that I and the people of the area care, the folks back home care and God loves them; the soldiers; both men and women, are very responsive in receiving the Gospel.

They need someone to listen to them and pray for them as well as pray with them. I often go through the barracks and talk with them and listen as well as distribute the Military Edition John Romans and Army New Testaments. These are all provided by local churches and Bible Believing Veterans.

During the years that I had been working with the troops that were sent here to train; I have prayed with many of them and offer hope and encouragement to the troops. Morale has been boosted and soldiers have been helped.  We have seen many soldiers receive Christ as Saviour through this ministry. I have been called out on suicide watch for soldiers and also council with many soldiers, veterans and civilians.

Holidays are very important. Imagine how lonely you would be if you were thousands of miles away from home. Your spouse and children are miles away from you. We need to work together to encourage them. I took candy and other items to them for the holidays. We have also brought soldiers to our church services, upon their request.

Our military is highly trained; professional and willing to fight for their country. Please pray for them. If you know of anyone in the military, please write to them and encourage them. Send them a "care package" from time to time. 

God Bless Our Soldiers And God Bless America.
Dr. Charles Bonner, Pastor Bible Baptist Church; Chaplain Yakima Training Center.


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