We have a Home School Institute; using the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum. Our 39 years of experience is a PLUS for YOU.  Your child will learn, excel and achieve.

"Our school is accredited with the National Association Of           Private Schools"

Please call us for further information: 509-697-8895. The school is a ministry of the Bible Baptist Church and not a separate entity. We have 1st - 12th grade with an emphasis on academics.  

                 If you are interested in Home Schooling, please contact us.                               We home school students in several states.                           Call us regardless of which state you live in.

What We Can Do For You And For Your Child

1. We enroll your child
2. We send for a transcript of their grades if they attended a public             or private school. You do not do this.
3. They will receive a diagnostic test to see where they will fit into 
    our curriculum. This is a tremendous help for them.
4. A transcript of grades is kept for each student at no additional    
    cost to you.
5. We will send you the curriculum and a manual to help guide you
    all at NO extra cost to you. You can call us for questions or for help.
6. A High School diploma is awarded the student upon their graduation
7. Call us for further questions: 509-697-8895  between 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Monday through Thursday, Pacific Standard Time


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